The Battleground

Legend has it that the Battleground was an ancient wreckage field even before the Rogue Traders Trame and Ettimus Lathimon fought here to mutual destruction over the Ragged Worlds. A vast span of debris swirls slowly under dim starlight, most of it Imperial, spread across the empty void. Every crew has a dozen tales as to what happened here long before Rogue Traders traversed the Maw.

One of the most well-known (and tragic) Stations of Passage, the Battleground is a vast area of becalmed space over 300,000 kilometers in diameter, filled with floating wreckage, junk, and detritus of war in orbit around a young star. According to ancient legend, this area was the site of a great space battle between the Rogue Trader brothers Trame and Ettimus Lathimon, who fought to mutual destruction. However, other tales maintain that this field of ship wreckage was ancient before the brothers’ arrival. These theories are supported by the wreckage found in the Battleground. While the vast majority of it is Imperial, there are wrecked ships deep within the field that are not.

Nearly every crew that passes through these parts has a tale as to what happened here, many of them regarding events that occurred long before Rogue Traders began their exploration of the Koronus Expanse.

It was here where we first encountered the Asante Corsairs and our first interactions with the Imperial Navy

The Battleground

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