The Evening Star

Into the Maw: The Battleground
  • The Evening Star is in port at Port Wander.
  • After shopping at the markets and contacting some merchant and underworld contacts the Explorers gain information about The Battleground and have arranged a deal with a gang leader to secure a large powerful weapon from a wrecked ship.
  • Entering the Battleground The Evening Star’s auspex picks up a faint and unidentifiable energy signal.
  • The source of the signal is found to be an Eldar ship, which is impaled by a black Imperial ship.
  • Upon investigation the Explorers find that the Eldar ship was boarded and the crew was brutally executed.
  • Travelling into the ship the Explorers come to find that the Eldar running the ship were working with humans, and data logs suggested they just found some spiffy loot…before they got attacked.
  • Deeper within the ship the Explorers encounter some forms of basic traps and eventually a human, who opens fire on the group.
  • After a short combat the Human dies from blood loss while the Explorers attempt to gain information from him, he yields nothing of import.
  • Entering the bridge the Explorers find where the loot is stashed, its an STC blueprint for an Adeptus Mechanicus weapon, and it’s in one of the secondary cargo holds on the ship
  • Exiting the ship, the Explorers prepare to begin extraction of the STC as well as a weapon for the gang.
  • Suddenly, they are hailed by a Frigate which has dangerously closed in on the rear of The Evening Star. It identifies itself as The Wolf’s Fang and it’s Captain, Captain Yorke, identifies himself as a Captain for the Asante Corsairs.
  • After refusing to yield, the Explorers initiate void combat and Bar-Yochai was able to convince the enemy ship to mutiny.
  • After the mutiny the Explorers receive a hail from Admiral Sarvus an admiral for the Imperial Navy and commander of The Saint’s Fist. He asks for the Explorer’s help to capture and kill the Asante frigate.
  • Even though the Explorers had just worked up a deal with the mutinied pirates, they eventually decided on killing them.
  • After which, the Explorers go back to the ship and wish a farewell to Admiral Sarvus.
  • Receiving the STC and the weapon, the Explorers sell them off to the gang and the Mechanicus for a total gain of 4 profit factor.

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